A4Tech Bloody X5-PRO Gaming Mouse

Rs. 5,500

Advanced 3389 16K Sensor
16000 CPI
400 IPS
50 g

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Bloody X5 Max is close to progaming in its characteristics. Featuring a professional BC3332-A sensor with 10,000 CPI, 8,000 FPS, 250 IPS and 35g acceleration, the mouse delivers precision and control where responsiveness is needed, such as FPS games.CPI customization (100-10000 CPI for A4 Bloody X5 Max) and five CPI presets (400-800-1000-1600-3200 CPI) provide exceptional tracking accuracy and consistent response to any speed. At the same time, both models differ in lightning-fast response: the response speed is only one millisecond.Four levels of polling rate make it possible to switch between the available values ​​(125, 500, 1000, 2000 Hz) and choose exactly the one that best suits a particular gaming session. For the best possible accuracy and controllability, you can adjust the LOD to suit your gaming habits and choose the appropriate lift-off height: 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm LODs.The durable scroll wheel provides tactile comfort while playing and also providesdurability of the device. For an ergonomic and comfortable fit of the hand, a premium anti-slip coating on the side surfaces is provided. RGB lighting can be customized as desired by choosing any of 12 effects.